Reduce your
carbon footprint by up to 97% with retort pouches *

Floeter believes in responsible packaging. Working with retort packaging puts your business at the forefront of environmental friendly practices and we are dedicated to making your product’s packaging even more sustainable.

Floeter prioritises sustainability; we refine our process and pouches to have a reduced carbon footprint and be more energy efficient. With retort pouches, Floeter offers businesses improved carbon neutrality in packaging when compared to other alternatives. Plastics are cheap, lightweight and adaptable in ways that many of the alternatives are not. Retort pouches help reduce a product’s carbon footprint by a large degree.

Significantly reduce material used for packaging

Material required for
132 kg of beverage*

Drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed during transportation

Reduce energy consumption - A flexible pouch consumes 1/2 the amount of energy to produce, ship and use compared to the closest alternative*

Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions - A flexible pouch generates 75% less emissions than the closest alternative*

Reduce municipal solid waste (MSW) going to landfill - A flexible pouch can reduce the weight of waste to landfill by up to 95%*

* Source – Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)