Explore our range of durable, shelf-stable retort pouches

Businesses rely on Floeter’s retort pouches because they are reliable, consistent in quality and meet all the relevant industry standards.

With precisely controlled processes and reliable equipment, we are able to meet your high standards, exceed industry regulations and give your product its desired shelf life without any preservatives. Explore the range of retort solutions from Asia’s most reliable retort pouch manufacturers.

Features & formats

Customised formats that meet all your needs

Floeter is able to provide you with dependable shelf-stable flexible retort packaging for Ready-To-Eat food pouches, Pet Food pouches and Ready-To-Drink pouches at competitive prices. From shaped pouches, pouches with tear notches, window pouches, spout pouches, microwaveable pouches and other customisable features, Floeter can provide you a retort pouch that is a perfect fit for your product.

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