Advantages of Retort Pouches

Retort is convenient, reliable, cost-effective & has a low carbon footprint

A retort pouch is a packaging solution which is packed with cooked or semi-cooked food products and subsequently subjected to high temperatures (retorted) in an autoclave to reduce the bacterial content and create a shelf-stable packaged product that does not require preservatives or refrigeration. They are used extensively for ready-to-eat packaged food and pet food; their use in the ready-to-drink industry is steadily growing.

Retort packaging combines the best properties of glass, metal and paper to give you a wide range of protective properties and convenience while using minimum material.




Switch to retort
reduce per unit cost by

Reduce logistics cost with retort

Significantly reduce material usage

What does it take to package
132 kg of beverage? *

Reduce carbon footprint by up to 97% *
* Source – Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)